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It’s quite a privilege to actually go around, play music and have so many people go to the shows. To be able to share that with people, it’s a bizarre thing; you write on your own and then you share it with people every night. The fame side for me is funny because it’s really nice and really positive in many ways. It’s really nice to get recognized by people and I think we all live our lives in the eyes of other people to such a huge extent anyway, all of us do. But it’s funny that people recognize you quite a lot for what you do. [x]/[x]

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Ben Howard at the Astor Theatre in Perth (25.07.14)

by Stuart Sevastos

his golden e-guitar. his scruffy beard and hair. his tan skin. his beautiful guitar strap. his black tee. 




Twilight in two seconds

This is the only twilight thing I will ever reblog. 

I have been waiting for this gif

dave with beck